if the initial symptoms of cataracts are blurred and the front

if the initial symptoms of cataracts are blurred and the front

It’s a good time to do outdoor activities, so more people go out and enjoy traveling, mountain climbing, and exercise.Many people were careful about blocking ultraviolet rays when doing outdoor activities.However, UV rays are not only good for your skin but also for your eye health, so it would have been better to block them carefully with sunglasses and hats.

Especially ultraviolet rays have affected by cataract.Because aging, it is desirable to manage the initial symptom of cataract, it is desirable to manage the initial symptoms of cataract.It was similar to the symptoms, so I need to observe with a more careful of being mistakenly misused.If you leave it properly, I have to miss the problem and if you can’t check the problem and abnormal symptoms.

Presbyopia was a natural symptom due to the aging of the lens, which made it difficult to see nearby objects as the hardened lens lost its elasticity.Recently, however, due to excessive use of electronic devices such as PCs and smartphones, the period of presbyopia has accelerated, and there have been various other causes such as fine dust and ultraviolet rays.

The cataract was to misunderstood that the eye was not seen before the eye, but the transparent crystal body was blurry and blurry, and the symptoms appearance of the symptoms appearance of the fog.The main cause was caused by aging, but the initial symptom of cataract in young young young young young young young young young young young young young young young young young young young young young young young young young young young people.There are also caused by genetic metabolism, congenital metabolism, congenital metabolism, and the abnormalities, and the abnormalities, and eye disease.

The initial symptoms of cataracts were similar to simple presbyopia, so it was easy to miss the treatment period without noticing.Therefore, as I keep saying, I had to take care of my eye health and try to prevent and respond quickly to various eye diseases other than cataracts through regular eye examinations.If you are in your 40s or older and your eyes often blink and feel heavy when looking at smartphones, the focus changes slowly when looking at distant places and alternately at close places, frowning for a while, or rubbing your eyes with blurred eyes.

There are also similar to the eye-by-dimensional, but there are other symptoms.If the view is blurry, the visual phenomenon, the visual phenomenon, the visual phenomenon, the eye is a sharp eye, and the eyes of the dark room.If it is not severe yet due to the initial symptoms of cataracts, it will slow down the progression rate by managing it with drugs.Making the cloudy lens transparent again required a surgical method, so it was a process to check the condition so that improvements could be made at the right time.If you feel uncomfortable due to worsening vision loss as cataract progresses to some extent, consider surgical treatment immediately.Previously, surgery was performed by removing the lens by making a wide incision.However, there was a disadvantage that the surgery time was long and it had to have a long recovery period.Recently, laser was mainly used, so small incisions were made as much as necessary, and hard and muddy lenses were crushed and inhaled to reduce the burden.You could expect a quick recovery as much as you can reduce pain and bleeding.If you were planning surgical treatment as early symptoms of cataracts appeared, you could check the insertion of an artificial lens.The artificial lens used in surgery includes large single-focus and multifocal lenses.The amount of light used, the distance and characteristics of focus vary depending on the lens, so it is not always good to have a lens, but it is chosen appropriately considering various factors such as individual eye conditions, living environments, occupational characteristics, and hobbies.A single-focus lens focuses on either a close distance or a long distance.The multifocal lens can focus on both short, medium and long distances, so I could have a clear field of view at any distance without using glasses or presbyopia separately after surgery.It was mainly suitable for cases where presbyopia and cataracts occur at the same time, or when you have an active job or need to look closely at electronic devices.In order to obtain satisfactory vision quality, it was important not to choose ophthalmology at low cost or close distance before surgery, but to establish a plan suitable for you through various pre-examinations and 1:1 personalized treatment.The bright St. Mary’s Ophthalmology in Gangnam is preparing systematic equipment and conducting close examinations, and ophthalmologists were in charge from the beginning.It was more likely to manage the eyes and cataract, but it was necessary to manage the eyes of the younger people who have been more young.If you are difficult to reduce use of electronic equipment, it was useful to reduce the time and blinking.I was better to cut ultraviolet rays and protect the ultraviolet rays.In addition, the eye was important to receive a checkup immediately, it was important to see the first time.Based on the years of clinical experience, the initial symptom of cataract, I think that it is possible to visit to visit the white eye, and if cataract surgery can visit.It was treated as if a long-term incision, the lens-shaped incision, the lens of the first round incision, the crystal body of the lens.If you suspect the initial symptom of cataract, I hope you would like to check it without leaving.Based on know-how through years of clinical experience, early symptoms of cataracts are rapidly diagnosed, so if stable presbyopia and cataract surgery are possible, you can visit with confidence.For a long time, I treated it carefully as if it were my family’s eyes so that positive improvement results could be obtained, such as multi-sided incision, circular incision in the anterior capsule of the lens, and thorough follow-up management.If it is suspected to be an early symptom of cataract, I wanted you to check it without leaving it unattended.Previous Image Next ImagePrevious Image Next ImagePrevious Image Next Image

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